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Peaberry (12oz Dark Roast)


Our 100% Kona Peaberry is isolated from the lot by using a screen size of 10/64″, so a much smaller bean but a very unique one. Peaberry coffee accounts for about 2% of a harvest making it a rare bean. What makes it special is the fact that most coffee develops with 2 beans face to face in a cherry, but peaberry is the only bean in a cherry, giving its face a rounded surface, as well as keeping all of the cherries flavors for itself. is considered the champagne of coffee for its noticeably smoother texture.   Our beans get their unique flavor from the shade and soil fertility of growing under our Avocado, citrus and Mac-nut tree canopies. By isolating the beans by size and weight, we can guarantee a uniform roast with minimal defects, maximizing your coffee experience.

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Product Description

Peaberrry screen size 10/64″

Additional Information

Weight .75 lbs
Medium Roast

The delicacy of our medium roast allows more Origin flavors to come through our coffee instead of a more roasted flavors. the result is more of a fruity flavor with lively acidity and a slightly higher caffeine content.